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Children's Songs 300

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Musica Istruzione
Sviluppatore Liu Yanghui

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When no movement lyrics sound clear version -- no movement
In our memory, the mother told us about the song also vaguely remember. Yes, we have given the childhood songs, how happy, how can forget it!
Now, our baby will grow up, mother songs again play a role. When the baby, and he often said that childrens songs, the baby is too important.

After the main role:
1. songs are good for the baby and language development. Because of its rhyme songs easy to pronounce, baby, listen, but also easy to follow the mother.
2. Songs short and pithy, easy to baby memory, the baby to learn, to enhance the babys self-confidence, exercise the childs memory.
3. By saying the poem, but also to expand the knowledge of children, so that children learn to use language to describe the animal image, and features of things.
4. songs have obvious sense of rhythm, the baby can experience that the nursery rhythm of language.

This teaching method:
1. In general, teach to 2-3 years old childrens songs dont too long, to 4 - 8 sentence is appropriate, the nursery rhymes to selection and children live close and easy to understand. The way to teach a few songs is a variety of ways to be different from the childrens different circumstances.
2 can be read a sentence, the child read a sentence; some parents read the whole sentence, the child listen to the parents in a whisper. Various methods can be used in combination. Dont be too long to teach your child at a time, in order to be within 10 minutes. When the child has mastered a song, often can let him recite in public, to review and consolidate.
The children with age, perceived by imitation, eventually learn to chant songs, and get aesthetic feelings from.

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It features:
1 do not know where to play the next time you start the application. The software can remember the location of the last play, you can continue to play directly from the location of the last stop
2 background play: free choice whether to start the background play mode
4 sleep time: set the time to automatically shut down, then automatically shut down.